Zooki Digital - Putting talented people together

Zooki Digital is one of the world’s premier digital investment companies. We believe in harnessing the power of all things digital, we’re passionate about it – it’s what we do best! We combine teams of digital experts from a wide range of markets to design, develop and deliver award winning online solutions. With over 9 years experience purely in the digital arena, we are well placed to do so, and continue to deliver enviable results year on year.

“Online” has changed, it’s no longer straight forward and linear but is a complex burst of communication channels which needs embracing. We continually assess markets, invest in solid business ideas and, more importantly, very talented people.

This approach of blending creative, technical and media expertise enables us to diversify into whatever market we desire and still deliver multimillion pound success. As the parent company of companies such as More Niche, Wass Poker and more recently OOiZiT, Zooki provides centralised resources and support that grow our businesses and exceed our customers’ expectations. With offices worldwide, we can operate in a single region or align work globally across all major markets. Zooki employs over 250 experts and in 2008 had revenues of over $7 Million.